Real Personal trainer vs Youtube


With Youtube and Google is there any reason any more to consult with professionals to achieve a desired outcome? We can self-diagnose our ailments simply by typing in a few symptoms, track our own physical data through apps and bands, write our own wills, tax, build websites, and create personal social brands, all without leaving the comfort of home.

With all these things at our finger tips it's very tempting to assume that just because it's within our reach, that we'll be good at it or good at understanding it. The chance of us being better than a professional from that field, who's gone and got themselves qualified and had experience on the job is pretty slim. Sure, if our needs are basic and general in nature maybe a we can muddle along, and end up with a suitable outcome.

But, if what we need is individual in nature, needs to be tailored to us, or is in any way specific to our own situation, then we should consider using a professional. Their role is to shape their product or service to your specific needs to achieve the desired outcome, quickly and efficiently. Not to get the most views on Youtube.

Trainer V youtube

A personal trainer will typically go through anywhere from one year to four years of fulltime study before they get to work in a real training environment. Once they are working in the industry they have the chance to hone their training skills on every individual client they see. This gives you the advantage of all the trainer's previous experience working with other individuals and goals. As everybody is different, this experience is invaluable in finding the path that will work in different situations.

The investment will usually pay itself off very quickly, and result in savings elsewhere - cheaper tax bill, correct medical diagnosis, more customers to your business, or health and fitness results faster than you could achieve on your own.

Have you heard the saying "If you're the smartest person in the room, then you're in trouble"? Well, if your room is limited to you and your google browser then you're relying on just your brain to collect, sort, and analyse the information you're hoping will give you an answer. It makes sense that with only one perspective things can get missed or misunderstood.

Why not get more brains involved? Try our brains!