Results Room has lost 405kg to date

Our member's united weight loss

Since opening in January 2011, Results Room members have lost in excess of 400kg (this figure was taken in a poll done July this year).

To put that in perspective 400 kilos is the equivalent of:

  • 8 baby hippos
  • half a 1982 Toyota Starlet
  • 1 adult male salt water crocodile
  • 10 40kg dumbells
  • 400 foot long Subway sandwiches

We won't be satisfied until we hit the tonne. Now I know what you're thinking - that it's all about body composition and not just weight. Absolutely that's right!

But, most folk who are improving their body composition, will also be reducing their overall weight too.

So if you want to be part of some serious results then get along to see us, and put your fat towards our one tonne goal.