How to row like Mahe Drysdale


After our Results Room team of coaches received instruction in rowing technique from a top rower recently, it became apparent that we needed to fine tune how we got the best out of this piece of equipment. For a lot of people rowing is a process of strapping in and hauling on the handle - however they can manage - with a total disregard for moving optimally.

To improve  rowing performance requires an improvement in technique. Often there will be a limitation on technique due to poor mobility. Just as with any exercise a person might try to perform, if there are restrictions, tightness, or poor motor control, then these exercises may require practice before they can be performed optimally.

The movement of rowing is most likened to that of a dead-lift. If you have trouble with the dead-lift movement your rowing technique will likewise be sub-optimal. Going through some dead-lifting drills, and mobility work around the ankle joint, hip joint, and thoracic spine will help prepare you for rowing. Likewise, if you have a training session planned with dead-lifts, consider rowing with great technique as part of a specific movement prep warm-up.

The Concept 2 Rower is universally considered the best rowing ergometer in the world. That's why we use them at Results Room. Check out these quick Concept 2 'how to' videos that show how to row at your best, and common mistakes to avoid.