Running Will Break You



To be successful at running isn't so much a battle of motivating oneself to get out running and training the most. It's a matter of who can avoid injury for the longest. If you can do that then you can continue to run and push yourself to improve, run harder & faster for longer.

Unfortunately with running it's not a question of IF?...It's WHEN will I get injured? To significantly reduce this from occurring and improve your running ability you need to be supplementing running with other forms of training. Namely strength, stability and mobility work...This is something I believe that almost all runner's know but they just don't do it.



Maybe because they don't know what to do or that the thought of going running is more important and is going to be more beneficial. Not so. Especially if you find yourself injured 6 months down the line because of something that began occurring right from your first week running.

Whether you're a runner or not, everybody pretty much knows what's involved with running. It's hard. And being that it is so demanding your running can definitely be slowly injuring you. Namely by creating muscle imbalances.


As we run we progressively beat the elastic energy out of our muscles and tendons. Our muscle's need for oxygen progressively increases to a tipping point where the oxygen we provide isn't enough. So to maintain force our muscles begin to drift into alactic work(without ox ygen). Our smaller less conditioned stability muscles will generally fade and fatigue first while the bigger more conditioned muscles take over. This stresses and causes excessive loading of joints and recruitment of said stronger muscles. Fascia and connective tissue tighten to compensate which dramatically effects the efficiency and smooth functioning of our joints. If a joint is having to lock up and stabilise itself due to a lack of support from the stability muscles around it, joint mobility is restricted then muscles become overworked. The weak muscles get weaker, the strong muscles get stronger. You will become progressively sorer from your running. Get niggles. Your performance will most certainly decrease and you will find yourself  injured.

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It is a fact that if you want to get fitter, run further & faster you will obviously have to run! and sometimes you will have to run to the point of gut churning muscle burning fatigue and/or complete failure. Fun right!?

This does however become a bit of a dangerous game, so it becomes more & more important to implement specific strength & mobility work. Unfortunately it is always a question of time and time spent running seems to be more of the priority.

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Try training and adapting to a mid-foot running technique. This is certainly the way forward, quite literally. Running  Mid-foot puts your body into a better functioning position for running. This technique inherently results in reduced injury risk and greater performance. Namely because it utilises the structures of our lower limbs properly. Our thick springy tendons. Without them we humans wouldn't be able to run at all! and we definitely wouldn't be able to run 42.2km's clearing an average speed of over 20km/hr!?!

This isn't an over night change either though. It will take some strengthening and adapting.Results Room Running Course

Try this drill to begin Training Mid-foot and creating greater running performance.

By re-training and strengthening this mid-foot position progressively and in the right way you can build co-ordination, strength and joint proprioception (This is the bodies ability to be aware, maintain & adjust optimal joint positioning in an autonomic way) to significantly reduce impact, activate and strengthen stabilisers, improve posture and run further & faster!


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