Shoulder Mobility


Our last mobility session covered the shoulder girdle, and surrounding muscles. We tested where our shoulder limits were with a lying lat stretch, and wall slides. These gave a quick snapshot of our overhead range of motion and the ability to move through that range well.

lying lat stretchwall slides





Warm Up

We warmed up the joint with some shoulder dislocates. Not literally, but keeping the arms still we passed the stick from the front of the body to the back. Gradually bring your hands a little closer as you loosen up.

stick passover

Foam roll Teres

Locating the foam roller under the side of the armpit, near the top of the lat muscle, reach your arm away from you while searching out the tender spots around your teres major and minor muscles - these wrap around from the lat to the shoulder - and spend 15 seconds in each spot waiting for the discomfort to reduce as the the muscles release. You can also roll down into the lat, along the side of the shoulder blade.

 Banded Overhead Contract relax

Anchoring a resistance band above and behind you keep your arm straight and close to your ear. Using the contract relax method resist against the band for a few seconds, then as you relax and breathe out step forward into the stretch a little more. Repeat this several times and see the effect by comparing with your non-stretched arm.

overhead band

Banded front rack mobility

Move your bands anchor point to a lower position and grip the band around your wrist. Turn away from the anchor and line your upper arm and tricep up close to your ear. Use a similar contract relax method against the resistance of the band. As you breather out and increase the stretch step forward slightly and allow the elbow to lift up and back.

overhead band1overhead band 2








These will make a great addition to your warm up and/or cool down. See how your range of motion is affected before and after completing them.