Sled Push


When you come to Results Room one of the first pieces of equipment you'll use is the sled. It has a plethora of value within a well balanced programme and we think most people would benefit greatly from including it. It is however one of those exercises that can look really ugly, really quickly. It's not just a case of pushing that thing any way you can. There is a technique to it, and if you have trouble getting into position you may have some mobility issues around the shoulders or hips to address before you can get the most from the sled.

You want to position yourself low behind the sled where you can keep your back neutral and your arms locked while maintaining a strong core. Your core will transfer the energy from your feet on the ground, up through your body and into driving the sled forward.

Key benefits of the sled lie in its simplicity to use, and its ability to add quickly to your general fitness level. It's also an excellent recovery tool, as there is no eccentric movement (lowering) it is less likely to make you sore afterwards.

Lastly, the safest thing about the sled is that it is self limiting. You can either push it or not. It doesn't need spotting from a coach and if it gets too heavy you simply stop pushing. This type of self limiting exercise reduces the chance of injury - assuming you still prepare your body for the movement correctly.