Study proves if you don't put weights away, you wont get results


A study has recently been completed in Wellington NZ, at the Room of Results that has found that 98% of people who don't put their weights and equipment away don't get results. This new information has come to hand through findings from the Room's "Karmic Effects on Results" study. This study shows that there are two reasons for this phenomenon, but both lead to the same outcome - no results for the perpetrator of these heinous acts.

The first reason the study found was that people who don't put their workout equipment away tend to have a more negative outlook on their health and fitness journey, and subsequently don't retain their memberships for long enough to achieve results.

This reason may also have a link back to the second reason, and is known as the "revenge link". This link shows that an additional reason for leaving their membership could be having engaged in a war of messiness with other gym users. This mentality of  "if they don't put their stuff away, I won't too" seldom leaves anyone unscarred, and ultimately leads to failure for all those involved.

The second reason, and the more surprising one in this study was the fact that the negative karma produced from not taking another members needs into account through being messy, caused a "reduced results reaction" in the perpetrator. This reaction was scientifically shown to slow weight loss aims, strength targets, and muscle gains by approximately 50%.*

The evidence is clear. A gym kept tidy for all, with equipment and weights put away after every persons use leads to far greater results for all concerned, and more karmic good juju** to share around.

*None of the above is based on any science except the science of Results Room. We hope it is read and enjoyed (but also taken to heart) in the same good nature it was written. :)
**Juju may not be a real word. We're not sure.

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