What is a sweaty session?


At Results Room we measure our activity in sweaty sessions. A sweaty session is an exercise session of 30 minutes that has you working out in a sweaty state. If you worked out at this intensity for 1 hour you would have completed 2 sweaty sessions (and so on). Within the Results Room system we try and create a balance between sweaty sessions and real food diversions. This is the fastest way to results while still being able to enjoy the odd treat. Find out how to score your sweaty sessions vs real food diversions here.

The term sweaty session is really just a term used to remind us that when we exercise our session should be completed with suitable challenging intensity... and sweat is a very good measure of that intensity.

In the first few sessions a Results Room coach will help you recognise where your sweaty session intensity level should be. It is important to note that as fitness and strength improves so will your ability to work at a greater intensity, and therefore your sweaty sessions will also always be improving.

Lastly doing a non-exercise activity that happens to result in you sweating does not count. Examples of these could be getting stressed at work, sitting in an overly warm room, walking the dog, and gardening on a sunny day.

The last two examples could be considered active rest. Find out more about active rest here.