Swiss ball Russian Twist


The russian twist performed on a stability (swiss) ball is an excellent recruiter of the cores stabilisers and rotating muscles. It is easily regressed to allow most beginners to perform a simple version of it. Before moving into this exercise the exerciser must be proficient in activating their glutes in the hip extension (glute bridge) movement. They should also have good range of rotational motion through the spine, hips, and shoulders.

It should always be started with no added resistance and the hands simply clasped together. Once this technique has been perfected resistance can be added in the form of a dumbell or medicine ball.

Key Points To Performing the Russian Twist
  1. Choose a suitably sized stability ball and start in a seated position (when seated your knees should be approx 90 degrees).
  2. Roll down the ball until the shoulders and head are supported by the ball and the hips and thighs are parallel with the floor.
  3. Keep the feet wide enough that as you rotate you don't lose your balance - a little outside shoulder width should do.
  4. Concentrate on keeping your arms fixed in front of you at a point in the centre of the chest. When you rotate you rotate your spine and shoulders - don't move your arms!
  5. Your heads should move with your rotation and end up looking where the hands are pointing.

Add this to your routine and keep your core both strong and mobile with this awesome and under-used exercise.