Terangi - I was ready to take the Real Food Challenge


The 'Why'?

For me, it was simply time for a personal 'spring clean' - a  goal that required my commitment and a change of attitude. Once I had made these affirmations to myself, I was ready to take on the Real Food Results Challenge.  Being a secret competitive person, I was also determined to be in the Top 5 who completed the challenge, at least.

'How' did I do this?: 

  • First things first, being 100% COMMITTED - easy to say, but sometimes hard to do!
  • Through Steve and Dan sharing their knowledge and tools to prepare us for the journey ahead.    
  • Having Shane my trainer to talk about my 'great', 'good' and 'bad' food choices enabled me to stay focused. His advice and support were invaluable during this challenge.  
Week 1 - I refer to as the 'getting it right' and 'weaning off' week.  I think this week is particularly important as it sets the foundation of how I would conduct myself through the six week challenge. Letting others know (at home and my workplace) was helpful as they became interested in how I was going and added another layer of accountability. 
Weeks 2 to 5 - I found I was in my stride, I felt invincible, impenetrable, senses on high alert (probably because I had cleansed my body of processed foods, sugar and other non-one-ingredient foods, and gave up my one a day mocha).  Food for the day prepared in advance, food diary entries recorded and training on-track.
Week 6 - Interestingly I found this week the hardest and longest to get through mentally - thoughts pre-occupied my headspace - of what I am going to do after this? what is going to happen? when will I have that first mocha? etc...
One lesson that stands out for me...is making the time to eat, even when a crisis may arise at work or home, you're no good to anyone if you don't feed and nourish your mind and body!
The 6 week Challenge is the catalyst towards a life-long change - making small changes to the way you eat and train will bring long-term results.  It is as much about the mental game as well as the physical game.

Results :

So how did I do you ask? Here's my scorecard:
 achieved weight-loss - YES;
 achieved reduced body fat- YES;
retained muscle mass - YES; and
 an increase in H20 levels - YES.
 - all the goals I had set out to achieve.  
I've given myself a 10 out of 10 and a pat on the back for having the courage to accept the challenge and accept the lessons along the way.  I've also realised that having Polynesian genes means that I'm prone to putting on weight easily if I'm not careful.  So for me it has been a balancing act in choosing the right foods that will satisfy my palate, training consistently with the right intensity and listening to my body when it needs a time-out!
If you decide to take the Real Food Challenge - embrace the journey and learnings - you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!!
Special thanks to Shane Reid, my awesome trainer who occasionally throws in interesting and unusual exercises for me, laughs with me as I stumble through these and who keeps pushing me beyond my limits.  You're the best!!
My thanks to the wonderful Results Room team because you make my training experience unique.  I'm not just another gym member but part of the 'RR' family - you've got a great winning formula!