Tessa - I am definitely heading in the right direction in terms of reaching that goal


Looking back to the start, my decision to join the Results Room was a no brainer really.Before I joined the Results Room, I was a regular gym-goer but after having my first child, one year on, I was really struggling to get back to my pre-baby weight and was feeling uncomfortable in general about how I looked, how my clothes fit and how I felt about myself. I had seen my boss (who is also a member) undergo an amazing transformation over the course of a year or so and after a one-off session at the Results Room, I decided that it was time to do something different and so my journey began.

I started training with Shane late last year based on a recommendation that he would be the right trainer for me. Not knowing Shane, I didn’t particularly understand why he was suggested as being right for me, but after meeting with Shane and setting my initial goals, I got it. Shane has a no-nonsense, tough (but fair), “irrefutable scientific approach” (to use his words) to training which works really well with my stubborn, determined, head-like-a-rock (so I have been told) attitude. Shane always has an answer for me when I ask him why we are doing things (or should I say why he is making me do things) and has quite a knack for keeping things interesting. I am very much enjoying having Shane as my trainer and appreciate the time and effort he is putting in to help me which is above and beyond what I expected.

I have been following the real food programme, which I struggled with mentally in the beginning being someone who loves a sweet treat, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it and once I started seeing results in terms of weight loss that motivated me even more to stick by it. Being accountable to Shane each session in terms of my food diary has helped keep me on track in this regard, especially for fear of not wanting to pull the sled if I have been “bad”.

I have not been training at the Results Room for a long time (yet) but so far I am really pleased with my results (I am now below my pre-baby weight and a lot stronger than what I was previously) and can happily say that my decision to join was a good one. The atmosphere at the Results Room is very easy going (which does not apply to the workout!) and the other staff members are always friendly and helpful. I have learnt a lot about myself over the last few months including my ability to push myself much further than I thought I was capable of and, that you will only truly get back what you are willing to put in.

My main goal in joining the Results Room was/is to get strong. I think I can fairly say that I am definitely heading in the right direction in terms of reaching that goal. I know that without having joined the Results Room and without Shane I would probably still be where I was three months ago which is not a position I want to be in again. I feel as though I still have a way to go in terms of where I want to be but could not be more pleased with my results so far!