The style of training is very functional, movement based, a lot of variety and at times extremely hard!

I’ve been a member at the Results Room for just 12 weeks so far but what a difference 12 weeks can make! I moved to Wellington in June 2010 to take up a new position in a new company.  Classically, in fully committing myself to achieving my goals at work, I let most other things slip off the radar – including my fitness.  I had lots of “really good” excuses –  I was travelling, I only had 30 minutes so it wasn’t worth doing anything, and in the end I couldn’t go back to the gym until I lost the weight I had gained and got fit again and so it went on.

Luckily, the Results Room was recommended to me by a colleague and from the very first contact with the team, it was obvious that the Results Room is different.  Although, Erika is my trainer, one of the things that struck me early on about the Results Room was that within a few days of starting all of the trainers knew me by name and other clients were also pro-actively introducing themselves.   This creates a great, non-threatening atmosphere in the gym, one that is easy to enter into.

Erika has been brilliant in getting me back into a regular exercise routine, with flexibility to work around my busy schedule.   Encouraging me to stop “beating myself up” and to instead start working positively towards achieving my goals.  Erika has kept things fresh and challenging by changing my programmes up every 3 weeks and the regular checks of my diary keep me honest and provide on-going advice on my eating plan and the exercise I am doing on my own.

The style of training is very functional, movement based, a lot of variety and at times extremely hard!   But this and following to the letter the really simple guidelines for nutrition and active rest, has produced results beyond what I thought was possible.  12 weeks ago I was paralysed by the size of the mountain I felt I had to climb and now I have lost 10 kgs and around 8% body fat, had a significant improvement in my fitness level, AND I have even learnt how to skip.  From skipping to….hmm, I wonder what could be next?