How to do the Weighted Sled pull


Pulling a sled, or any heavy object for that matter is a truly functional exercise. It targets the back, shoulders, arms and grip muscles as well as the legs and core. All these muscles must work in unison to balance, brace, and pull the sled in hand over hand. How you use the sled to train will depend on your goals, but there are some basic technique cues which remain will constant.

Positional cues

  1. Create a wide base between your feet and squat slightly. Keep your head and chest looking forward at the sled.
  2. Take up the rope and lean your weight back to a comfortable bracing position.
  3. Reach as far as comfortable with each hand pull, rotating through the waist.

Sled pulling will also have great carryover to some other exercises too. Pull ups, rowing, and most olympic lifting will benefit from the increased grip and pulling strength, as well as the ability to apply that load over sustained time-frames.

Results Room members; make sure you get to do the February "Power pulling" Challenge when you're next in. It's an interval challenge involving speed and strength, which will also test your ability to recover quickly.