What is the cost of a membership?


We believe in being completely transparent with our pricing. We offer amazing value for money, and are quite happy for customers to understand up front what they'll be paying to receive the full value from their membership. In order to understand how the cost equates to value it is important to understand the value that is offered within the memberships at Results Room. When comparing costs across fitness facilities the different value offerings are usually reflected in the different costs. A gym charging $7 per week access offers a certain service with a certain level of value, that will suit a person wanting to pay $7 per week, but without much in the way of one on one accountability and guidance.

On the other hand if you're paying $100 per week the value level should be different - an individually focused programme from a personal coach, integrated nutritional guidance, weekly accountability and tracking with immediate feedback on what is or isn't working (and the best way to fix it) - these things separate the $7 membership from $100 membership, and ultimately success with results to failure.  These different ends of the spectrum shouldn't be compared on a cost by cost basis as if they are the same product or service.

When you are comparing apples with apples, similar value with similar value, then cost certainly should be taken into account. A business should be able to back up why they are charging what they charge - we can.


Where Results Room is different is that we help identify, plan towards, and motivate our members to achieve a specific goal. All our coaches are trained to help a member see how their results will come about, and what will be required to achieve those results.

Results Room coaches use a model which links a persons desired results (goals), with what they ultimately find most important. When this link is made, our members become unstoppable.

  • Results are the outcome of Effort.
  • Effort is the willingness to change Behaviour.
  • Behaviour is the product of Motivation.
  • Motivation is applied to Goals.
  • Goals are a reflection of what we Value.
  • We Value what we think is Important.

We find this approach our absolute key value differentiator to the majority of other fitness facilities, and where you'll actually get the value you're paying for when you are coming to Results Room.

Don't be fooled into thinking that just because you've scored a cheap membership somewhere, that it will get you any closer to your goals. True value comes from matching what you think is important with the outcome you want to achieve....... and we can help you do that better than anyone else.