Why Should You do the Movement Fitness Test?


On day one at Results Room you will be put through one of our screening methods; the Movement Fitness Test. This test is designed to assess your movement patterns, strength levels, fitness, and ability to work under a suitable load for your level. The exercises chosen for this test are based around measuring as many of the bodies different movement patterns as possible. Your coach will be spending the time you are tested assessing where you are at presently, where you may need some improvement, and where you are already strong.

The 7 Movements:

The Rower

Testing your ability to coordinate your lower and upper body, this movement provides an excellent warm up for the test. Primarily working your posterior (pulling) chain of muscles.

Kettle-bell swing

This movement checks your ability to bend and hinge at the hips. Similar to a deadlift, this hinging movement is imperative for every bodies daily living. The ability to bend and pick something off the ground (and do it strongly if the item is heavy) is a basic human need.

Body Squat

No other single movement offers so much to a persons health. The ability to perform a full squat means there is optimal flexibility around all lower joints and into the spine itself. Studies have shown the ability to squat a load as a major indicator in a persons longevity.

Squat Press w Strength Bag

Combining an overhead press with the squat, your coach is able to see how you generate force from the ground and transfer it through your core and up into your upper body with an overhead pressing motion. Any restrictions in overhead range can be instantly recognised.


Your gait is a combination of your ability to engage muscles, coordination, balance, and skill. That's why there are so many different running styles out there. The goal here is to find where you can improve to make you safer and more effective at covering ground - whether that be running or walking.

Press Up

A tried and true test of upper body and core function and strength. You either can do them or you can't. The tests job is to see where you need to develop. Everyone should be able to perform at least a handful of press ups with good technique.

Sled & Rope Pull

It looks like a one person tug of war. Using your entire body to exert force over another object and pull it 20 metres shows your coach your overall strength level, while also being able to maintain good posture and balance.


When all these movements are combined into a circuit where you race the clock, a challenging load will be put through your cardiovascular system. Depending on whether you complete one, two or three rounds will depend on your current fitness level and exercise history.

The Results Room Movement Fitness Test has target times for each of these levels, and your coach can see where you fit compared to these. Most importantly though, it provides a measurable time that you can test yourself against in the future (often at your 6 Weekly Retest) to check the progress you are making.

Also the weights in the test can be adjusted as you start to improve, as can the rep range - ensuring that this test will always be a relevant way for you to measure your progress - no matter what the goal!