Your Food - Why is it so confusing?


I came across this article in the Independent which nicely summed up the confusing state of messages pushed on us about our food. It does seem that every week there is a new study or opinion on harping on about the goods or evils of a certain food, or even entire food category. The article read..

Don’t eat fat, you’ll clog your arteries! Oh… wait, hang on, put down the low-fat spread, it’s full of trans fats that will give you cancer. So have some butter. But you should probably cut out dairy. Apart from the risk of calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies... And don’t forget your five a day. Or was that 10? And NOT through fruit juice! It’s full of sugar! Speaking of which, you really should cut down on the sugar in your diet. No, no, no, don’t have artificial sweeteners - they’re worse! Or are they?

From the week to week shock 'new study' headlines, to the celeb endorsed diet that helped them, these articles are often aimed at just getting read - not at providing facts. They care about providing accurate information like Mr Kellogg cared about you eating his sugary rubbish for breakfast.

With an overload of information out there, and an increasingly low barrier to sharing that info, it means that we need better bul$#*it filters, and a want to equip ourselves with sound knowledge of the facts. If we do this we can limit the effect of this barrage of lightly researched confusion. At the very least we can not jump instantly on the band wagon of every new wonder break-through.

Once we realise that a lot of this propaganda is just this, we can begin to happily ignore a lot of this misinformation and get on with our lives. Whatever new research (actual accurate research) comes out, we can be safe in knowing that some things will never change.

  • We'll always need to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • Should always drink loads of water.
  • The fat we eat should be healthy fat from a source we trust.
  • Non-factory farmed protein sources are best.
  • We should eat very little processed foods.
  • Drink alcohol sparingly.
  • If in doubt; buy local, know your supplier, ask questions.

Agitated young woman looking up in frustration

When we make a list like this it looks surprisingly simple, and it can be. These things will never change! Live your life by them and you'll never have to get caught up in the next crazy fad/diet/breakthrough!

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