Located at 128 Featherston St, Results Room Personal Training Gym is the number one facility for fully managed personal training services in Wellington. 


We offer open-ended access to our equipment and facilities for unmanaged training if you have signed up to one of our personal trainers. 

As a Results Room member, you can expect a customised and fully-tailored plan crafted by each of our trainers, according to what you are looking to achieve. We are constantly reviewing and evaluating your progress against your training plan as we work with you. Our personal trainers and General Manager are with you on your journey, available at all times to offer support, advice, expertise, and of course, high-quality personal training.


Following your first consultation, our General Manager, Karina, will suggest a Personal Trainer that is best suited for what you want to achieve. All of our personal trainers have different skills and specialisations! Therefore, we can accommodate a variety of people with different goals.

Our opening hours are 5 am - 10 pm daily

Our session times are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes