• Bachelor of Health Science (Sport & Exercise Science)

  • Comprehensive First Aid Certificate


I can't remember a time growing up that I didn't have a bat or ball in my hand; in fact, it wasn't until my early twenties that I had a weekend off from any kind of sport. It was a lifestyle that came easily to me where I would naturally search out challenges in sports that I had played for years, or find new activities to keep me competitive. Prior to leaving Australia to Japan for a major change in my life at 25, I had played over 20 years of cricket, been involved with Australian Football for 12 years, competed at a high level for indoor cricket for 10 years, and put in thousands of KM's in road running each year for as long as I can remember.

But it was during my studies that I found my calling. I completed my work placements at a private exercise physiology clinic and the cardiac unit at a public hospital. I enjoyed helping people improve themselves, both physically and mentally after great times of heartache and pain. I developed my skills to specialise cardiac rehabilitation, metabolic diseases, obesity, and the elderly populations. I found these were the people who were most positive, and willing, to improve their current lifestyle. 



"Fitness comes second. Habits come first."


Sports will always be my calling. As long as I can hold a bat and throw a ball, I'll always be playing some kind of cricket. I enjoyed playing baseball for a few years and it's a sport that I'm looking to get into again over the next few years. I also enjoy American Football and watching the early Monday morning games. I was a semi-professional player in Japan and am a recreational player here in Wellington.

Aside from sport and fitness, I experiment with cooking dishes from around the world and am currently trying to learn the fundamentals of Korean dishes. Obviously living in Japan for an extended time, I've learned many different styles of Japanese cooking but I especially love to cook tonkatsu, Japanese curry, and tempura.