• Toa Crossfit internship

  • Crossfit level 1 Trainer

  • Gymnastics Coach

  • Endurance Coach

  • Automotive Servicing & Engineering

  • Holden Gold Technician

  • Automotive Compliance

  • AVI Inspector


From a young age sport has been a big part of my life. I developed a strong passion for all sports, but particularly found a love for Rugby Union and Cricket. I played both of these sports at a high level, therefore they occupied a lot of my time. At age 19 I started kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and self defence. I loved every bit of the discipline that came from these. Upon moving to Wellington I started my Crossfit career which over time fascinated me as I was able to see the positive development of individuals as they worked on their fitness and strength. This lead me on to starting my career in personal training where I can further continue to help others achieve their goals and work on themselves.



“Do today what you would put off till tomorrow, have the courage to change and grow, but most importantly, be the person you want to be – not the person others want or expect you to be”


From a young age, when I wasn’t playing sport, I was involved in the Automotive industry. Growing up my father was the Workshop Foreman, Automotive Technician for Toyota, and an AA Contractor in our small town. I Spent 16 years developing my skills as an Automotive Technician with various manufacturers. I also ran workshops as the Foreman/Workshop controller. When I’m not under the hood of a car, or working in the world of fitness, you will find me outdoors enjoying what our country has to offer; either water skiing/barefooting, hiking, mountain biking, or out enjoying a bit of dance with friends.