• Level 4 Personal Training

  • Sports Power Coach and Olympic Lifting Level 1

  • First Aid Qualified

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice & Probation Practice  


I have always been active and involved in sport and fitness from a young age. I have been a gym user for over 10 years.  I have also tried my hand at various sports such as netball, hockey, and…one that most people haven’t heard of...Korfball (it is a real sport…google it). I have been a keen runner in the past, having taken part in events including, 5ks, 10ks, and a half marathon. I have even competed in a few sprint triathlons as well. I am no stranger to training for events, finding the motivation to achieve these goals, and understanding what it takes to get there!


I love Crossfit as I am testing my body in new ways. I love weightlifting and believe the benefits for all gym users of lifting weights are immense: both physically and mentally. Feeling strong and knowing that you are much stronger can make such a difference to your training and day-to-day life. Coaching others, especially those that might not be used to lifting weights, or used to that style of training, is really rewarding. You can see people learn, develop, and become proud of themselves for doing exercises they never thought they could do.



"Feeling strong and knowing you are stronger can make such a difference to your training and day-to-day life"


My previous career was in Criminal Justice, where I worked as a Probation Officer in the UK. I have always been determined to support others to make positive changes. Making the transition to become a Personal Trainer has been amazing, being able to continue to support others in an environment which I love has been awesome. Having worked with all sorts of people in the Criminal Justice world to make very serious life changing decisions has given me a tremendous amount of life experience, skill and knowledge in how to successfully adapt to motivate others to achieve their goals, which is invaluable in the fitness world.


My other interests do involve keeping fit (surprise surprise). I am a keen cyclist… so keen that I convinced my husband to cycle across multiple countries with me, including cycling all the way across America.