• Sports Coaching MSc

  • Sports Strength and Conditioning BSc (Hons)

  • Crossfit Trainer Level-1 

  • KBT Olympic Lifting

  • Personal Training Level 3

  • Gym instructor Level 2

  • Spin Instructor

  • Circuits Instructor

  • Self-appointed Superhuman Developer


Sport has been fundamental for my development from a young age. I started rugby union around the age of 10. I may not have been the best but I enjoyed it and I never gave up. I started mountain biking around the same time and quickly developed a competitive edge. I never liked losing and having my father and other riders telling me I wouldn't beat them until they were 99. It really gave me the drive to better myself and push myself to the limit.


Those were my two main sports until my late teens where I found the gym, fell in love and became a personal trainer in 2009. I went to university to quench my thirst for knowledge in sports and training areas. It was there I started playing rugby league. From the first second of the first team I knew that was
my sport. I was lucky enough to represent Wales RL at student level and play semi professional rugby league. I retired at the grand old age of 26 because I'm injury prone and a fractured eye socket was an injury far enough. From there I needed to do something sporty, involving exercise, so I put my energy into training for the trip of a lifetime. My wife and I cycled Spain, France, Switzerland, across USA and around Sri Lanak in 2017 before settling in NZ. During my Rugby League days I pushed my knowledge further and quickly became a Strength and Conditioning coach with knowledge to coach Olympic Lifting. 

From there I needed to feed the competitive beast within so I took up Crossfit and pushed myself in a new way. I have a goal of reaching regionals in 2019.


"Movement is key. Don't add strength to dysfunction."


I mentioned that I like Sports, this isn't true, I LOVE THEM. I may not be the greatest athlete but I will try any sport and probably fall in love with it. I watch pretty much all sports and love it. I keep up-to-date on the scores and sports stories, in such a way that it's nerdy. This is probably the reason why
cross-fit speaks to me as you have to be good at everything.


Testing my body in any and every way I can is also a fun activity for me. Any challenge that I find interesting I will push myself to learn and adapt to get the task done! People often see me falling over and looking like a clown in the gym, but it’s only because I’m on the road to becoming more epic! 


I am not all sports though. I love movies and I am a nerd in that sense. I enjoy reading (again nerd) and travelling (I'm from the UK).