November Challenge: Sled Shuttles

MONTHLY CHALLENGES This combination of sled pushes and shuttle runs will leave some shakey legs out there. Set up ⦁ Challenge should be performed on level 1 ⦁ Load the sled. Men aim for 50kg/ 30kg for Women. ⦁ Start sled 1m out from the wall. Directions ⦁ Start with 15 bodyweight squats. ⦁ Push the sled out to the 1st marker on track, run back and tag the wall. ⦁ Run back to sled and push from 1st to 2nd marker, run back and tag wall. ⦁ Run back to sled and push from 2nd to 3rd marker, run back and tag wall. ⦁ Run back to sled and push from 3rd marker to 1m out from the end, run back and tag wall. ⦁ Run to the sled, turn, and push all the way back to the

Mindfulness in the Gym

I came across this really interesting post called 'Mindfulness in the Gym'. The main message to take away from this is to be present mentally during the workout process. Make each movement, exercise, rep and set count because let's face it, we don't have all day in the gym, so make the most out of every opportunity you get. Ask yourself why am I doing a particular exercise? Does it feel right? Going into an exercise with a preconceived rep count often leads to a tendency to perform the exercise fast. Try listening more to your body and let it decide the reps. There is a lot more to it than just going through the motions. Take this mindset with you to your workouts for the next month and see

Sierra's trip to Kona

Catch up on member Sierra's latest blog post about her trip to Kona, Hawaii for the Ironman World Champs 2016 last month. Well done Sierra! Congratulations on your achievement of completing arguably one of the most physically and mentally challenging sports events out there. Follow the link below to see how her big day unfolded.

Why Is Movement Based Training So Important?

So you think three or four days a week of cardiovascular work, a couple sessions of strength training and maybe even a couple of stretch sessions are enough to keep an aging body healthy? Sorry, it isn’t. You probably move through life securely without even thinking. Starting with your usual morning routine and probably doing things you have done thousands of times before. But studies show that balance declines with age, especially if the complex system that governs it isn’t challenged regularly. For most of us, it isn’t. When is the last time you had to stand on one foot for any length of time, or negotiate a narrow pathway? Your ability to stay upright and move through space is determined

Linda Bligh

TESTIMONIALS A year ago I attended one of Shane's [Reid] boot camps for six weeks and that got me wanting more. I had never worked with a personal trainer before but my daughter had achieved such amazing results that I thought I would like to try it too but for very different reasons. I am 63 and want to keep my bones strong and to try and delay muscle degeneration, two of the main problems that come hand in hand with ageing. Shane's methods involving solely weight training were what I was looking for and the past year training with him has left me with no doubt that it was money and effort well spent. He has pushed me right out of my comfort zone and I have accomplished so much more than I

Quinoa Salad Recipe

Following up on one of our previous posts about the health benefits of quinoa, this Real Food recipe for a quinoa salad with homemade ranch dressing is both delicious and quick to prepare. You also have the flexibility to change the ingredients to customise it to your liking and eat seasonally e.g. more fresh ingredients in summer, or warm with hearty vegetables in winter. Follow the link below to find the ingredients list and preparation instructions. This is one of my favourite summer recipes. Enjoy! #Recipes #Workouts