Lamb and Roast Vege Salad

This salad is quick to prepare, contains all real food and is versatile. By having roast veges it suits cooler weather, and can be made more 'fresh' for warmer months. Ingredients: - Salad of your choice. Works well with cos lettuce, mesclun, baby spinach/kale or a combination of all. - Red capsicum - Walnuts (optional) - Beetroot - Kumara - Feta cheese - Lamb rump - Homemade balsamic dressing. Oil of your choice -this was made with grapeseed oil- and balsamic vinegar. Mix well. Method: ⦁ Preheat oven to 200-220 celcius. ⦁ Dice beetroot and kumara, then toss with a little oil and place in a lined baking dish. Put in a couple of knobs of butter. Cook at 220 celcius until gol

Exercises for Correcting Muscle Imbalances in the Lower Body

This is a great exercise to correct muscle imbalances in your lower body, with the most common imbalance being quad dominance. This means the quads are stronger as there is a tendency to bend at the knees rather than hinge at the hips (to lean forward at the hips while maintaining a neutral spine). In order the correct this imbalance, you need to target a group of muscles called your posterior chain. This involves the muscles of your lower leg and ankle, hamstrings, glutes, and spine extensors. Your deep core stabilisers are also working hard to maintain alignment. The added benefit of this is an improved posture as it brings you more upright, while improving your balance and coordination. I