Couscous Crusted Fish with Roast Vegetable Salad

We tried out this delicious My Food Bag recipe the other night. This is now one of my favourite ways to eat fish. Follow the link below for the recipe. This recipe is great as you get a well balanced meal, but it is also quite versatile. For example we didn't have any mayonnaise so we made the dressing with a combination of half sour cream and half Greek yoghurt. We also did a combination of butternut squash and kumara with baby spinach as we didn't have any silverbeet in the fridge. What I enjoy most about it is you can enjoy the freshness of a salad with hearty vegetable

5 Healthy Bacteria Foods

Gut health is something that is often taken for granted and effects all sorts of aspects of the human body such as digestion, mood, mental health, immunity and even maintaining a healthy weight. Here are 5 options to look at if you struggle with any of the above 1. Miso. This soup made from fermented soy is high in good bacteria. This can be brought at most organic shops or your closest international or Asian market. 2. Yogurt. This is probably the best-known healthy bacteria food of all. Look for low-sugar and lower-calorie yogurts that contain bifidus, lactobacillus and acidophilus. 3. This fermented cabbage mixture contains lactobacillus plantarum and has been shown to give your immu

500m Row Challenge

The April challenge is a tough one! Set yourself up on the rower to the left on level 1. This will make all the times comparable as each rower can differ slightly in resistance. Perform a good warm-up by doing 200-300m at a light-moderate intensity with an occasional set of a few heavy pulls. Set the rower to count down from 500m (ask your coach how to do this if you aren't sure). Perform an all-out row and record your time on the challenge wall. Once you complete it, go straight into an active cool down by rowing gently for a few mins or until you feel your heart rate settle. Don't just get off and lie down! Rowing slowly will allow you to recover faster, decreasing your heart rate slowly w

The Importance of Mobility

HEALTH HYPERLINK ""& HYPERLINK "" FITNESS TIPS A person's mobility plays a crucial role in their overall exercise performance and is the key to remaining injury-free. Let's first discuss the difference between mobility and flexibility. Flexibility is characterised by: - The maximal range of movement of a joint or series of joints and of the muscles which cross them. - It is primarily trained through passive/static stretches. Mobility is characterised by: - The ability to move a joint or series of joints through a range of motion