Youth and Sports Specialization

Sports Specialization Is Making Youth Less Athletic A new study by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health which included over 1,500 high school athletes found that athletes who specialized in one sport were twice as likely to report a lower extremity injury as compared to those who played multiple sports. It was also found that 60% of athletes that specialized in one sport sustained a new lower extremity injury1. This study got a lot of publicity because early sport specialization has been a hot topic as of late. Most of the arguments against early sport specialization are from rehab professionals, surgeons, and well-informed strength and sport coaches. The frustrat

Breathe Easy with these techniques

Diaphragmatic Breathing Correct breathing § Correct breathing enhances general health and results in thoracic pressure changes that assist the flow of lymph though the chest area. Movement of the diaphragm and pressure changes in the thorax during breathing assist the return of lymph in the large collecting vessels. § Many people are disorganised breathers and use upper chest muscles instead of the diaphragm. Are you a disorganised breather? § Put one hand on your abdomen between your lower ribs and navel and the other hand on your breastbone. Take a DEEP breath so that your abdomen pushes out. § If you breathed in through your nose, your stomach expanded first and you felt minima

Making a Sustainable Lifestyle Change

The lifestyle we live is a result of our behaviour and the choices we make. In order to change a pattern of behaviour, we must first have motivation and the willingness to change. ⦁ K- Knowledge One must first identify the unhealthy behavioural pattern in order to start considering a change. ⦁ M- Motivation One must have the motivation to change this pattern. ⦁ S- Skills One must require the skills to change the unhealthy pattern of behaviour, and maintain a healthy one. (Heisler, M. MD, MPA, & Resnicow, K. PhD. 2008). KNOWLEDGE Knowledge requires the individual to identify areas of their lifestyle which need to be modified. Thinking about your current diet and exercise re