Easy 'Bliss Balls'

Try Coach Rachelle's Real Food 'Bliss Balls'. These delicious winter snacks are easy to make, nutritious and the perfect grab-n-go option for when you're out and about! Make them at the start of the week, keep a few bags in the fridge and you're set for the week. You'll need: 1 1/2 cups of dates 2t Cacao powder or sugar free chocolate powder A little essence (coconut or peppermint is our favourite) 2T of hot water To dust/coat: Coconut ribbons (dessicated or shredded coconut) Cacao powder Blend the dates, essence and 2 tablespoons of cacao powder into a high speed food processor until it reaches powdered form. Add the hot water 1 teaspoon at a time or until in combines into a rough paste

Running Bare

Much debate and research continues on the pros and cons of shod versus barefoot. Let’s take a peek at some of the research out there, especially on the issues of safety, running economy, running speed, and oxygen consumption (VO2). A recent study by Hanson, et al. reported that running shod requires greater rates of oxygen consumption than running barefoot. Compared to running barefoot, they reported 2.0 % greater VO2 for running shod on a treadmill. This difference was not statistically significant on its own, which is overall consistent with the literature. Only two of seven studies that have compared barefoot and shod running on treadmills have found a statistically significant difference

Back Squat or Front Squat?

Back squat or front squat: Which one is best for you? One is not merely better than the other, they target different areas, and the one you choose depends on your goals, flexibility, and posture. However, the one thing they do share is the ability to target every major muscle group in the body when performed effectively. First we need to establish the difference between the two. Back squat: Traditionally the bar is place on the top of the shoulder blades. It focuses more on the gluteals and lumbar spine by forcing you to sit your hips back. Front Squat: Bar is placed upon the front of the shoulders and held in a position called a 'front rack'. Depending on the strength and mobility of your u

Let's Get Competitive: July Challenge

WINNING PAIR!! This month let's create some friendly competition. There will be two categories being contested for: Top member pair, top coach and member pair. There might even be a prize up for grabs... As a team you have to complete a 600m row (300m each). Though here is the catch, each team member must first complete eight room runs prior to their row, and then eight after. Time starts when person one starts running, and finishes when person two finishes running. ⦁ Set the rower to a 600m countdown. ⦁ When person one completes their eight room runs to finish, person two can start their first eight. Let's get into it!! #MonthlyChallenges

Advantages of Strength Training

HEALTH & FITNESS TIPS The foundation of a proper exercise programme should achieve the following: 1. Increase strength 2. Increase muscular endurance 3. Increase cardiovascular function 4. Increase mobility and flexibility 5. Decrease risk of injury Unlike other forms of exercise, strength training is the only form of exercise which targets all these areas making it a crucial part of your exercise week. In order to target these different areas we can adjust a few key training principles such as intensity (load), rest, reps, sets, and utilising isolation exercises which target a single joint/muscle or compound exercises which work large muscle groups that cross multiple joints.