4 Primal Strength Movements

4 Primal Strength Movements The human body is made up of many different parts such as muscles, joints, organs, bones, blood and other tissues. These components are used to help our body survive and thrive in the environment that we live in. If you think back to 500 years ago before humans were civilized, we would have been doing multiple movements per day to help us scavenge, fight for survival, build shelter, and walk everywhere. Our bodies have adapted to this way of living which is why we struggle now to keep off the weight and keep the muscle on. If you want to get back to your caveman physic – follow these 4 simple primal movement patterns. 1 - Squat: Back in the cavemen days having a s

The Benefits of Strength Training for Swimming

Swimming is very different to other types of sports training. When you're in the water, you do not have the ground to push off to help you generate momentum and help you move faster. This is where your core, legs, and arms come in. When swimming you use a mixture of your core to keep you afloat and your legs and arms to push you through the water. However, having these muscles already strengthened before hitting the water can help to prevent incorrect movements and can also contribute to preventing muscle fatigue. Some great exercises for swimming include: Medicine ball push ups - help to strengthen the chest, shoulders, and triceps. It also actively engages your core helping you to im

August Challenge - No Holds Barred

Test to see how strong you are with these static holds. Bruce Lee used to train with isometric (static) contractions, and we all know how much of a weapon he was. Unleash your mental and physical strength with these 3 holds: ⦁ Ring Dead-Hang (an alternative to this is hang under the bar in a ring row position) ⦁ Wall Sit ⦁ Plank Your goal is to perform each exercise for the maximum amount of time you can manage, and then move on to the next one. You are allowed up to 1 mins rest in between holds (this allows for your transition time). All 3 holds must be completed in one go to be counted on the Challenge Wall. #MonthlyChallenges