Testimonial from Richard Wales

“I've dropped 10kgs since I started training with Jasana 7 months ago. In that time, Jasana has identified and corrected several problems with my lifting technique leading to better posture, increased strength and improved muscle definition. I believe Jasana has a genuine passion for seeing her clients succeed. The sessions are challenging but fun and I have no hesitation in recommending Jasana to others; she has certainly delivered results for me.” #Testimonials

Healthy Halloween Treats

Do you want to make some Halloween treats for your kids but don’t want to load them up on sugar? Try these apple mouths for a tasty but creepy looking snack! Ingredients - Mini Marshmallows - Peanut Butter - Apples - Strawberry’s – optional Method - Cut the apple into even slices – about 1.5cm thick. - Put peanut butter on one side of the apple slice and lay down with the peanut butter facing up - Put the marshmallows on the peanut butter to look like teeth - Get another slice with peanut butter and put on top of the marshmallow with it angled down towards the back - OPTIONAL: if you want to make these even more creepy you can b

A - Z Challenge

This A - Z challenge will really get your heart pumping! Give it a go! A - Standing Bike pedaling x 1 min B - TRX row x 10 C - Sit ups x 15 D - Powerbag split squat x 15ea (if to heavy do body weight) E - 10kg Alternating lunges x 10ea (if to heavy or hard on knees do x 20 body weight squats) F - Skipping x 100 (if cannot skip just do small vertical jumps with no rope) G - Mountain Climbers x 60 (or plank for 30sec) H - Incline Push up x 20 I - Bicycle crunch x 50 J - Dumbbell one arm shoulder press x 15ea (pick suitable weight) K - Swissball core Rollouts x 25 L - Skipping x 200 (if cannot skip just do small vertical jumps with no rope) M - Box jump x 20 (if cannot jump due t

Holiday Exercises - No Gym Required!

Holiday Exercises - No Gym Required! Are you going on holiday and you don’t want to pay for an expensive hotel with a gym? Well we have the answer!! Using your own body weight to do exercises may not seem as hard when you’re used to using heavy weights. But we have some body weight exercises that will leave you feeling like you’ve never even left the gym! 1. Squats - Instead of doing low reps with high weight, try using high reps with low weight. It takes a little longer, but in the end, you’re left with the same result. You can also adjust these and add some cardio by doing box jump squats! Try doing 25 of these x 3 with a 30 second break in-between each set. 2. Push ups - T