Monthly Challenge - April

Autumn has arrived in Wellington, and this month we have a full body killer for you….Ready to sweat?? Time and record yourself, keep trying to improve over the month. 1-10 reps of goblet squats and burpees. 1 rep squat, 1 rep burpee 2 rep squat, 2 rep burpee 3 rep squat, 3 rep burpee and so on all the way to 10 reps each. You can use optional weights for the squats (range from 8 kg to 20kg kettlebell.) Burpee options - Full chest to ground and jump up hands clap overhead / chest to ground stepping in/ stepping legs out and in burpee. You can tag us in your progress on Facebook & Instagram, and remember you can always ask your coach for help or alternatives. Good Luck!!! Happy April!!! #Month

Whatever happened to moderate fitness?

We recently came across this article on the question whatever happened to moderate fitness? The article highlights the current trends in fitness such as HIIT (high intensity interval training), boot-camps, spin class etc. But what if you don't want to feel wiped out after a work out? We believe that the right type of work out, is whatever works best for you, whatever feels best for your body & mind. Some people like to push themselves to the very edge, and some people prefer to build strength with a less extreme approach. Fitness isn't one size fits all, find out what works for you & your body. To read the full article click the link below

Monthly Challenge - MARCH

March is already underway, this month we have a sled challenge for you… Time yourself for this one and complete as fast as possible.. 5 rounds of pull to push sled Pick your weight 30kg/50kg You can complete this one several times throughout the month, and remember you can always ask your coach for help or alternatives. Let's GO!!! Show us your progress by tagging us on Instagram & Facebook @resultsroomnz Results Room Personal Training Gym !y!!!