What you need to know about going vegan

We recently came across this article on nbcnews.com.....giving us insights on what we need to know about going vegan. The article highlights the current trends of vegan diet (consuming only non-animal based products and foods), what it means to be a vegan, and the common misconceptions around the trending dietary practice. Your diet is your's and your's only. We believe that the right kind of diet, is whatever works best for you, But for those who may be interested in trying it out, this article introduces the ways for a newcomer to start their dietary journey, and help with informing the benefits and trade offs of living a life as a Vegan. To read the full article click the link below: http

Monthly Challenge - May

May you be healthy and fit this month! We have prepared for you a set of exercises for you to tackle overall all parts of your body, from shoulder to your toes. Up for the challenge? 8 Turkish Get Ups 10 Single Arm Snatches 14 kcal row - each cal = 1rep These exercises are amazing in bringing strengths and mobility to your hips and thoracic spines, and has a lot of movements to help you burn fat! Its IMPORTANT to note that for the Turkish Get Up, the movements are complex and you have to firm control of weight on your arm as you lift up the weight above your head. Ask your coaches for guidance if you are new, or visit our Instagram post for a video demonstration. Let's see how many you can

Testimonial - Angie Champion

'Karina is a really caring coach, she helped me develop healthy habits both inside and outside Results Room. Karina really listens to what you want to achieve and supports you every step of the way. I love training with Karina.' - Angie Champion #Testimonials

Testimonial - Julie Nielsen

'Laura is an amazing trainer, she pushes me but makes it enjoyable at the same time. In the short time that I have been training with her I have already seen some great results. Her bubbly, friendly personality makes every session enjoyable and I would highly recommend training with her!' - Julie Nielsen #Testimonials