Fat... that burns Fat? Hello~ Brown Fat!

"Fight fire with fire!". Applying this logic to everything in your daily life may not be the best idea. But for the case of losing weight, fighting fat with fat, can help you according to a research presented in the article we've found. According to research, everyone has a little bit of something called the "brow-fat" and they work very differently to how white cells work. When activated, it keeps your body warm in the cold and helps your white fats - the fats you want to use. It is sort of like a fire starter that helps you burn the rest of the fuel. According preventionhealth.com, there are five different ways to help you activate those brown fat and your weight loss. Listed below are a

Monthly Challenge - June

Half-way through this year already! We have prepared for you a set of exercises for you to test out your strengths you have built up so far in your body. Let's see how far you've come! Power Lifting Total 1 Rep MAX - Dead-lift 1 Rep MAX - Weighted Squat 1 Rep MAX - Bench Press Pick up your weights and test out your strength. Find a weight that you can only lift once - make sure to take about 3 minute rest between each lift when finding your 1 rep max for each exercise, Record it once a month to see your progress, and ask your coach how they can incorporate this to your training. IMPORTANT NOTE: Have some one around to spot you (some to help you move the weights in a potentially dangerous si