Testimonial - Phoenix Alaeson

"Reuben is a great trainer; there hasn't been a single session I have had with him where I haven't come away feeling as though I have worked hard." -Phoenix Alaeson

Testimonial - Te Arai

"I've really enjoyed being at Results Room. The equipment is what you'd find at any other gym, and you're guaranteed to have loads of space to work out. Working out with Sam has been the push I've needed to challenge myself. Our sessions are varied and Sam is always adaptable if things need amping up or pulling back." -Te Arai

Testimonial - Sarah Tipiwai

"I really enjoy how my trainer Sam motivates me and pushes me to do better every week. I'm fitter, and stronger, both physically and mentally since training with him." -Sarah Tipiwai

Single Arm Dumbbell Snatches

The Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch is a great movement to help increase power and strength throughout the body with a focus on the shoulders and back, while also activating the core. How to: Start with the dumbbell on the floor and your feet just outside the line of your hips. Bring your butt down to knee level and hinge forward slightly from the hips. Grab the dumbbell with an overhand grip and quickly pull it up to the ceiling while extending your knees and hips in one fluid motion. Keep the dumbbell close to your body and your core tight. As the dumbbell reaches its highest point quickly pull yourself underneath the weight and extend your arm. Finish with the dumbbell above your shoulder and

Testimonial - Jose Felizardo

"Laura was absolutely fantastic and that's an understatement! Every session was a challenge and a fun experience. I learned a lot; from doing complex movements to maintaining proper form and even developing sustainable training habits so that I could reach my immediate and future training goals. The place really lives up to its name...I got results which have made me fitter physically and (more importantly) stronger, and more confident, mentally. All of the coaches and clients are friendly and supportive too so there was never a dull moment! Awesome facility. Awesome coaches. Training in Results Room was one of the best decisions I've made. " -Jose Felizardo

Testimonial - Nicolette Luke

"Laura is a wonderful trainer. I have been training with her at Results Room for about a year now and it is easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She pushes me to reach my goals in a completely encouraging and supportive way and has such a realistic, healthy outlook on exercise and well-being which I really admire. Not only do I feel fitter and stronger (both physically and mentally) since starting our sessions, but Laura has completely transformed my own mindset. I never thought I would look forward to exercising, but now I genuinely do. I'm so lucky to have found an amazing trainer- and a new friend as well. Thanks Laura and Results Room!" - Nicolette Luke