Should you be going to the gym every day?

Is it better to go to the gym every day, or just a few times a week? Every person is different. Every person's goals, capabilities, and expectations are different. It’s all about setting realistic expectations for yourself. For some people, who have built up a proper exercise foundation, it is perfectly reasonable to go to the gym daily as they have established a good routine. They may also go to a gym close to home/work so travel time is minimal. They could have friends, family or work colleagues who keep them motivated and go to the gym with them (the social aspect). However, it’s important to keep muscle recovery in mind. If you are just starting out, muscle soreness can hit the next day,

Testimonial - Jennifer Pegg

"Sam has been fantastic to work with. We only have one short session a week so I massively appreciate the fact he's always organised and has clearly given thought to the structure of the session before I arrive so no time is wasted. I'm primarily a runner so not overly motivated when it comes to strength training (it's a means to an end!) but Sam is excellent at building in variety which stops me getting bored. I've also been impressed by Sam's ability to think on his feet when I pitch up with a new or aggravated injury which means he needs to adapt what he's planned. He always seems to have a 'Plan B' up his sleeve. Wholeheartedly recommend him." -Jennifer Pegg

Monthly Challenge - November

The November challenge involves the rowing machine! The rower is a great machine for your upper body. It strengthens the muscles in your back and shoulders, which eventually can improve posture and decrease back pain. For those of you who hate running, rowing is also great cardio! Here's what to do: Women row 35 calories for time Men row 50 calories for time Repeat the workout throughout the week to improve on your previous attempt! Who will get the fastest time?