Resolutions? Revolutions.

It’s that time of the year where alarms are set earlier, work-out clothes are worn on the regular and gyms are now busier. Of course, this is the time of the new year which means the time for the new resolutions. We understand that people not only have different resolutions but that people have different attitudes towards them. People range from dedicating to a resolution all year around as if it is all that matters, to some being dedicated until February, to others who haven’t even created one and those who just don’t care for it at all. What’s important to know is that all of the above are okay. We at Results Room are just happy if anyone has the resolution to improve their overall health,

Monthly Challenge - January

We realise that the Christmas/New Year period is a busy time so you may not have as much time to make it to the gym! To give you a good shot at the December Monthly Challenge we are extending it through January too! Winners will be announced in the February newsletter. 10 - Push-ups (either on feet or knees) 15 - Double kettlebell deadlifts ( 2x 12/16kg, Women/Men) 10 - Farmer's carry kettlebell box step-overs (20/24inch, Women/Men, with same kettlebells as used for deadlifts) Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes. Each round is worth 35 points. Add total amount of reps up at the end of the 8 minute mark. Repeat the workout throughout the month to improve on your previous attemp