Returning Results - Second Half of 2020

Results haven’t been going in the right direction for a lot of this year. There is no arguing the fact that the first part of this year has been a bit rough, for everyone. And unfortunately, with the cultural climate globally it appears as though there will continue to be challenges amongst the global challenge Covid continues to provide. However, if you are like me then you would be feeling quite grateful that we have far less of a challenge posed by Covid and that we are able to resume a more familiar way of living. I’m sure we can all agree that there is a new normal yet to be shaped. But this is exciting because it's not only as society we can do this, but we can also do this for oursel

Daniel's Tips for Returning to Sport

1) Returning to sport this winter brings an increased risk of hamstring injuries due to a sudden demand of load capacity after weeks/months of inactivity. I’ve taken a conservative stance of load and periodisation for tendons (and muscles that insert) due to their nature of constant stretch and relaxation. You’ll find this quite important for soccer players due to their demand to constantly adjust speed, direction, and action. 2) Go easy on hamstrings early on for athletes returning to training and encourage all clients in knowing that returning to previous training levels is easier than how they first got there. When you’re working out, start easy, in general. But throughout your workout, p

Welcome Lorena!

With Lorena joining our team at Results Room we sat down to ask her a few questions about life & the gym and other things in between! Here is the full interview: 1. Welcome to Results Room! How have you found your first couple weeks? I have found it great! Everyone has been super welcoming and the people you get to train always have lovely smiling faces. 2. What has this lockdown situation been like for you and how are you approaching gym/exercise now? Lockdown was difficult for everyone especially being away from the gym but it was good to take that time to learn new things and skills. Now I am easing back into training and making sure to listen to my body. 3. What is your 1 favourite thing

Monthly Challenge - June

This month it is our trainer Nate who brings us the Monthly Challenge: FAST AND FURIOUS! 40 calories on the assault bike 30 air squats 20 box jump overs OR 20 step overs Complete the following for time: The movements must be completed in the order they are written and you must complete all reps before moving on to the next exercise. If you want to give this a go at home you could swap out the assault bike for 40 burpees or 100 skips etc. Get creative to get the heart rate up! Time and record your attempt to aim to repeat the workout throughout the month to improve on your previous attempt. You can always ask one of the friendly trainers for help or tips on the exercises.