Karina's Q & A

What does Personal Training mean to you? My job means a lot. I can have an impact on my clients health and wellbeing and how they feel in their everyday lives. The early mornings or extra little things we do are worth it when a client reaches a milestone or when a goal is achieved, or when they have pushed themselves a little bit more or had a consistent week of training and eating well. PT also means a lot to me as we are able to have a positive impact, both physically and mentally, in that when a client comes in either early or from a meeting in a bad mood and they end up leaving having accomplished something positive in their day. What is your favourite thing to work on? I have a lot of h

SCS | Beginner Course | Harrison & Nate

Well, the pace was reversed and I was found in front of the camera today whilst Nate filmed from behind it. I had my first beginner course at our new Strength & Conditioning Studio - and I won’t lie - I quite enjoyed it. Waking up this morning, a part of me thought I would be punished by Nate, after all the nagging for content I have been doing. But instead, he was brilliant, and so was the class. We ran through the basics to begin with: burpees, hollow rocks, air squats & wall balls. They all felt pretty sweet! Then we moved over to the bar where I was introduced to “Zombie Squats”. It’s one of the strangest feelings I’ve ever felt; getting choked out by a bar pressing against my throat. Fr

An Introduction to SCS with Nate

What is SCS? SCS stands for Strength and Conditioning Studio. It is a multi-use space offering a friendly community of people and coaches. What is your personal investment in and inspiration for SCS? My personal investment is really about having a space that is my second home. Most of my days are spent in the gym, and to have somewhere that is a real community with all of our wonderful friends will be great. Working out and having a laugh together, with the added bonus of being in a great location is really what it’s all about. Inspiration comes from wanting to do a great job for the people we coach. What will it offer? Group classes - Group classes will focus on building your strength and y