SCS | Beginner Course | Session 3 | Harrison & Nate

So, this was the third and final session from the the SCS Beginner Course. As I rocked up, Coach Nate gave me a heads up that this class would be the most difficult one mentally. At first, I thought this would be because of the physical challenge I would have to mentally overcome - but it was not. Instead, the mental challenge confronted me in the form of skipping. That's right, skipping. I probably hadn't used a skipping rope since I was back at intermediate - so that was the first thing to tackle. But then came what's called "Double Unders". Essentially, skipping the rope twice while you jump over it. It was already one thing getting back into skipping without tripping or hitting the rope,

SCS | Beginner Course | Session 2 | Harrison & Nate

So I have completed the second session of the beginner course at SCS. I met with Nate and he ran me through my lifting form and technique. Nate was quite good at reassuring me and making sure I was getting it right - which as many in this world will understand - it is very important to get it right. Having gone through that I moved over to the bar to begin some Push Presses and Deadlift Strict Presses. I often had to re-check my technnqiue and remember the minor details - but Nate's communication assisted and encouraged me through the process. After going through all of that, I proceeded to endure a 10 minute circuit consisting of: Dumbbell snatches Push presses - dip, drive and through and

Grant's Testimonial

A couple years ago I joined Results Room. My wife had suggested joining a gym and my physio agreed. I lacked mobility, and according to my physio, the small but important muscles in my back had gone on holiday - with no indication of returning. I started with Nate, who discovered I had only slightly more flexibility than that of a weights bar (we have the video to prove it). For those early sessions I would visit my physio and tell her what I was doing. She was impressed with Nate's approach and would tell me any arrears to focus on or avoid. I texted the instructions to Nate and away we went. Jumping forward, I now train with Laura. Working with a combination of weights and cardio (includin

Monthly Challenge | September

This month it is our Jono who brings us the Monthly Challenge for September: For time: 30/20 cal bike (male, female) 20 box jump overs/step - 24/20 inch 10 Deadlifts (weight for deadlifts = 1/2 persons body weight) Complete the following for time: The movements must be completed in the order they are written and you must complete all reps before moving on to the next exercise. Time and record your attempt to aim to repeat the workout throughout the month to improve on your previous attempt. You can always ask one of the friendly trainers for help or tips on the exercises.

Quick-fire Q & A with Sam

How does it feel having SCS open? What does this mean for you? It feels great to have SCS open! It's a great place to coach with awesome members and a friendly, motivated community. What are you wanting to achieve at SCS for yourself? To restart a consistent training programme that's varied and challenging. What are you wanting your clients and people of Wellington to achieve at SCS? Results, happiness and a strong community. Training and pushing yourself makes you feel so much better both mentally and physically. What is personal training to you? How does it compare to your other work? Personal training to me is good habit building. It's helping people to adopt a few small changes that make