Perks of signing up to Results Room:

  • There are no joining fees

  • Membership is open-term (you can leave any time you like)

  • You can access the gym facilities and equipment in your own time, as long as you have signed up to a personal trainer

  • We offer a free consultation so you can come and check out the space before signing up, and discuss any questions you may have


First 3 Sessions for only


Experience Wellington's premier fitness studio with our no-hassle introductory deal!

Our pricing is based on your personal results journey!

Unlike many other facilities, we don’t operate on a standard x-month contract. Instead, we assign you to a personal trainer and offer you a set package price that is structured around three key elements: what you want to achieve (your goal),  how long you have to reach your goal, and where you're starting from. The package price is based on how many weeks you are training for, how long your sessions are, and how many sessions you have a week.

Examples of previous Results Room packages we have provided are...

  • A bride-to-be wanted to lose 8kg in 10 weeks - $1,000 ex GST

  • An executive wanted to rehab his knee so he could enter a marathon - $900 ex GST for an 8-week program

  • A mid-level weight training program for a person who wanted to increase muscle mass in 6 weeks - $850 ex GST

What if I don't have a goal?

You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't have something you

wanted to work on! Perhaps you want to lose weight or gain

muscle in a certain area. Some goals will take longer than others to

achieve but the key is that you're motivated to change. 

For further information please enquire about pricing for individual sessions via info@resultsroom.co.nz or karina@resultsroom.co.nz. Pricing is also covered in the consultation.

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