How to Plan your ideal week of exercise

At Results Room your exercise programming is structured around what we call the 'Ideal Week'. This plan of your ideal week is put together by you, with some support from your coach. How is the Ideal week implemented?

The ideal week fits into the Accountability System that every Results Room member is held to both personally and by their coach. This system works by pre-planning the training week. Recognising and dealing with roadblocks in advance, and then checking off that what actually ends up happening matches that plan.

The coach checks in at least on a weekly basis and can offer a sounding board if things are not going according to plan. If this is the case then together the plan could be modified to increase the chance for success. Building success as a habit at this stage is the most important thing for long term adherence.

As the members needs, goals, abilities, and training experience change - the ideal week will change accordingly. This plan is checked and re-modelled at every 6 Weekly retesting point, when the member and coach get to sit down and discuss what was achieved, what went well, and what could be improved. What do I put into my ideal week? ⦁ Your sweaty sessions. ⦁ Your active rest/recovery. ⦁ Any additional habits that you'll be held accountable to.

Sweaty Sessions

Depending on your goals will depend upon how many sweaty sessions you'll have planned for your week. We find for most of our members to achieve optimal results achieving 3-5 sweaty sessions per week works best.

That means that over the course of your ideal week you might be aiming for 4 sweaty sessions to be completed at times that are going to suit you!

Planning right down to the time of day these sessions will take place, how you'll ensure you have your required gear with you, and what roadblocks could get in the way are all critical in developing a functional and successful Ideal Week.

Active Rest/Recovery

Whatever term you prefer to use, this means staying active by moving everyday with lower level (more gentle) movements. We're not talking about the same intensity used in your sweaty session here. We are talking about those activities that can be done for long periods, that are beneficial for helping the body loosen up and recover from harder workouts, and are often performed in a social setting.

Examples would include walking the dog, digging the garden, taking the kids for a run around at the park, using a standing desk at work, a yoga session, or a social frisbee throw around. You are only limited here by your imagination, and finding things that you can enjoy. Sometimes this may take stepping outside of the comfort zone - especially if you're coming from a very sedentary starting point. Our coaches can help advise on ideas but ownership of the ideal week will always come back to our members.

Additional Habits

The more you have pre-planned into your ideal week, the better. These additional habits could include: certain eating or meal targets, getting to bed at a certain time, sit down dinners with the family, swapping TV time with being outdoors.

These smaller habits help build towards succeeding at the bigger targets, and add to that positive momentum.

For help updating your ideal week plan, speak with your coach.