The secret to avoid losing your workout momentum

Momentum can be both a blessing and a curse. When you have momentum on your side, you're an unstoppable force, smashing through training plateaus, and achieving the results you've set for yourself. When momentum works against you is when you struggle to regain your routines, always feel short of time, and find your new habit of binge watching Game of Thrones to be the most important thing in your life.

Whether you're new to a gym or very experienced, everybody remembers the feeling of starting a gym routine. How important it is creating that momentum and successfully completing your ideal week of training, week after week, until by building that momentum, you find you've created a habit you can't live without!

But then, you have a week off sick, or there's that wedding up north, or that work deadline, or, or or...... And just like that your positive momentum is halted and replaced with the 'I'll get back into it tomorrow' negative momentum. What you don't want is for this to become the new 'normal'. This cycle of negative momentum is even more powerful than the positive kind. It's the momentum that stopped you getting started towards your health and fitness journey in the first place. This procrastination can be avoided by implementing just one simple trick that will ensure you are always quickly back into your ideal weeks plan.

Never skip two sweaty sessions in a row. That's it. Never allow yourself to miss more than one sweaty session, before you get back to following your plan. This kills the negative momentum before it has a chance to build significantly. Otherwise without this tool, you'll be lying on the couch two weeks later feeling angry at yourself for letting it all get away on you; for feeling like you've lost all your progress, and for feeling like you're a loser because you couldn't stick to the plan.

Building and maintaining positive momentum isn't about being a winner or particularly special. It's just about:

⦁ Having an ideal weekly plan - that plan that tells you what you should be getting done that week. ⦁ Sticking to that weekly plan to the best of your ability - if you really don't feel like exercising go anyway and stretch, or have a chat to another member - at least you're still maintaining your attendance momentum. ⦁ Never missing two sweaty sessions in a row - this is the momentum killer and should be avoided at all costs. ⦁ If you fall behind your planned sweaty sessions for one week, try and make it up the following week. For help creating an Ideal Weekly Plan contact us for free HYPERLINK ""one hour HYPERLINK "" session with a coach.