Sandbag Shoulder to Shoulder Press

You can use any sandbags for this great exercise, but Results Room's new sandbags offer a slightly more variable load due to their shape and load. As usual, when using a new piece of equipment, you should be comfortable doing the traditional version of this exercise first. For example your overhead press using either a barbell, dumbells or landmine should have great technique before progressing to this less stable and more challenging option.

The best thing about a sandbag is you can move it anywhere, with any grip. It's perfect for mimicking specific movements from your lifestyle - whether that's lifting the kids out of a car seat, stacking a shelf up high at work, or dragging a heavy bag of mulch round the backyard.

As there are so many variables with your set up and execution depending on your exact goals, this exercise is best instructed by a coach at the start. Then with your full understanding of the technique you can begin to experiment with your own options.

This video shows a basic press from one shoulder to the other.

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