Pallof Press

At Results Room we find that with the right programming you can get the most effective core results through training your key compound movements - press ups, squats, deadlifts, farmers walks, bent over rows, and chops, etc. We've found that these exercises yield about 80% of a persons total core strength and conditioning, and for most goals don't require any additional specific exercise. Sometimes though, we need a little more focus on a certain area, and there's also some exercises that are great at developing the core in ways that those larger compound exercises may miss.

The pallof press is one such core exercise. It's main function is to improve stability and anti-rotation ability. When you try it you'll feel how alien it is........ and how much your core is missing this movement.

The most important thing is to start light. It's very easy to add load as ability improves. This is not a 'hey look how strong my abs are' exercise. It can be performed with a cable machine as shown in the video, or resistance bands could also be used (which makes this a great exercise for travelling).

Please excuse the cheesy video intro :)

To find out the other 'best bang for your buck' core exercises ask your coach, or if you're not a member yet with Results Room book a free session here.