How to eat lunch in the CBD for $5 per day

Within Results Room's Real Food Programme there is a guideline that's so simple it's actually crazy not to do it. Actually. Crazy. This guideline only relies on one thing; that you cook your dinner at home. If you are doing that, or can start doing that - even just a few nights each week - then you are on your way to lunching like a king or queen for less than your colleagues blow on their tall decaf mocha. I don't want to be crazy anymore. What do I do? Good question. First you make sure you have 'real food' in your fridge and pantry. Next you cook that food into a lovely 'Results on a plate' dinner. Third, you include just one more serving into the amount you cook for dinner. Lastly, you put that extra serving into an airtight container, take it to work the next day, and make all your colleagues jealous. Boom goes the dynamite! With this simple idea you can instantly: ⦁ Save money on buying lunch out. ⦁ Increase the amount of real food in your day. ⦁ Improve your health and fitness results. ⦁ Role model this good habit to your kids. ⦁ Reduce food packaging waste. ⦁ And of course avoid the insanely long sushi lines. For more information on the Real Food Programme and the other guidelines we use to get our members results, contact us now.