Landmine Single Leg RDL

The RDL or Romanian Deadlift is a great way to work the hamstrings, glutes, and back - basically all of the posterior muscles that are responsible for helping you bend or hinge safely and strongly. You should first be comfortable doing this movement one legged with no weight. This is important to make sure that once you begin to add weight (either with dumbells, kettlebells, or in this case the landmine) you already have a well balanced position and correct technique.

It's also important to have good movement at the hip joint, with no restrictions or tightness that would limit a safe hinge movement. Tight hamstrings, lower/upper back should be corrected before this exercise is used.

Set Up:

You can perform the one legged RDL either facing the bar, or side on to the bar. The video below shows the bar-facing position which would be the best to start with. As this is mastered, the side-on set up could be used to increase the off-balance challenge.

Hold the end of the barbell in the 'non-working leg' hand.

As the video shows, this should feel very similar to your regular deadlift movement, with a slight bend in the working leg, a strong neutral spine, and excellent core control.

To see if you're ready for the Landmine RDL ask your coach, or see one of our coaches now.