Stability ball Hamstring Curl

This is a great exercise to help keep those posterior leg muscles strong. It works the hamstrings, glutes, and calves predominantly. Using a stability ball increases the core recruitment of the exercise, in order to keep your balance on the unstable surface of the ball. Before attempting this exercise ensure you can complete the supine bridge on the stability ball. Set up Cues ⦁ Lie flat on the floor with the back of your calves up on the ball. ⦁ The width you place your arms at will help determine difficulty level, eg, Wide = easier. Narrow = more difficult. ⦁ Bridge your hips up so from your shoulders to your feet are in alignment. In order to get the most from this exercise, keep your hips high throughout the curling motion of your legs, draw in your abdominals and keep your spine long throughout the movement. See your coach for the exact sets and reps that are best for your goals.