RKC Plank

If you get bored holding the abdominal plank for ages, or are just so advanced that you're not getting much from the exercise anymore, try this version. It's guaranteed to get you puffing like you've just had a hard run. This method treats the plank more like a strength movement, rather than developing the endurance capability of your core. The setup is identical to how the abdominal plank would normally be done, but the secret is in the muscle activation and cues used required to perform the exercise.

RKC Plank Cues:

⦁ Press forearms into the floor. ⦁ Screw shoulder blades and tighten lats. ⦁ Squeeze glutes by tucking pelvis. ⦁ Contract the quads hard. ⦁ Draw abdominals into braced position. ⦁ Basically every muecle should be activated 100%.

Then, the secret sauce......

⦁ Without actually moving imagine you're pulling the elbows and the toes towards each other, as you would in a pike movement.

Thanks to Bret Conteras for the following 'how to' video. Feel free to start at 1:00 min if you don't want to listen to the intro.

Give this version a go and feel free to comment on how you found it. For further help with this exercise and any others, see your Results Coach. DECEMBER 20, 2015