After my dad suffered a mild stroke, it really got me thinking about my own health and wanting to do what I could to reduce the effects of too many years not regularly exercising, and spending too many hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen. I decided to get some regular cardio for general fitness and as coach Steve pointed out some of the important stuff like looking good in my jeans and singlet at the beach! I joined Results Room and started on a programme of cardio and some functional work for a couple of months and one day, out of the blue, decided to text Steve with a request to prepare me for entry to the Age-Weight grade Power-lifting National Title. I must point out at this time, I had never power-lifted before, but felt it's now or never. I'm sure Steve thought I was pulling his leg, but he didn't let on and immediately began a new programme of strength training for the squat, dead-lift, and bench-press disciplines. What impressed me about my new programme was that the over-riding concern Steve had for the use of correct technique to protect me, or at least my lower-back as I began to lift heavier weights. Turned out that I found the simple action of lifting something heavy really satisfying. All the while restoring overall body strength. And so it continues, the use of the correct technique has seen good improvement in the weight I'm lifting and the encouragement is massive. Lastly, though Steve is helping me achieve my goals with power-lifting, he never loses sight of the need to work on those area's that are important for men...Arms, Abs, and Chest. The legs I can hide under my jeans....