Struggling to keep hydrated?

A question people often ask is, how much water do I need to drink in a day? The old go-to amount of 6-8 glasses a day gets thrown around but depending on your body weight that might not be enough. So how much water should I drink in a day to stay hydrated? One way to work out how much water our body needs on a daily basis is to follow this simple calculation. Body weight x 0.03

So if you are an 80kg male this amounts to 2.4L of water (that this is 2.4L at rest). Therefore, if you are exercising this would need to be increased by a litre or so. However, this doesn't just mean drinking tap or bottled water. Eating 'Real Food' will significantly increase your water consumption, because the plant and animal products we typically consume have a high water content. Though this is hard to measure. One added bonus to being hydrated is a boost to your metabolism. When you are even slightly dehydrated it can cause a significant drop in metabolic rate. Here are some tips to increase your water intake: ⦁ If you are out and about, take a bottle of water with you or leave one in the car. ⦁ Keep a glass of water on your desk at work and fill it up periodically. ⦁ Switch one of your daily cups of tea or coffee for water. ⦁ Keep a glass of water beside your bed as we are often most dehydrated in the morning. ⦁ Spice some water up by adding a slice of lemon to make it more palatable. ⦁ Eat 'Real Food'! Plant and animal products contain a significant amount of water. It can take a few days to build up your hydration levels, so drink water slowly and often. If you feel thirsty then drink!