Health Benefits of Quinoa

August 11, 2016



We have all heard quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) described as a 'superfood', but what actually makes it such a great food choice? Here are a few health benefits of quinoa:

⦁    It is rich in fiber
⦁    It is high in protein
⦁    It has a low glycemic index (metabolised into glucose slowly)
⦁    It is very high in antioxidants
⦁    It is also very high in micronutrients such as magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium

Quinoa also helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, supports weight loss and improves digestion.
Click on the following link for a comprehensive explanation about the health benefits of quinoa and to find out how you can incorporate more of it into your diet.
Have you tried quinoa before? Comment below with your favourite recipes so we can all try them!

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