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November Challenge: Sled Shuttles

October 29, 2016






This combination of sled pushes and shuttle runs will leave some shakey legs out there.
Set up
⦁    Challenge should be performed on level 1
⦁    Load the sled. Men aim for 50kg/ 30kg for Women.
⦁    Start sled 1m out from the wall.
⦁    Start with 15 bodyweight squats.
⦁    Push the sled out to the 1st marker on track, run back and tag the wall.
⦁    Run back to sled and push from 1st to 2nd marker, run back and tag wall.
⦁    Run back to sled and push from 2nd to 3rd marker, run back and tag wall.
⦁    Run back to sled and push from 3rd marker to 1m out from the end, run back and tag wall.
⦁    Run to the sled, turn, and push all the way back to the starting end.
⦁    Finish with 15 bodyweight squats.
Record your time on the challenge wall on level 1.

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